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Our Licensed English Speaking Acupuncturists, Chinese Medicine Practitioners & Nutritionist

Clair Beardson OMP, MRCHM, FRGS

Clair Beardson, one of Hong Kong’s best loved Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners, is known for her healing abilities and encouraging clients to embrace health.  She and the doctors at APP work at providing tailor-made programmes for those with ailments as diverse as cancer, depression, obesity and fertility issues.


She has over 25 years’ experience of Chinese medicine and its application to a wide range of contemporary ailments. Clair comes from a family of Western medicine practitioners and has been a long-term resident in Asia; this has enabled her to fully understand and appreciate the benefits of combining Western and Eastern Medicine.  She studied at the London School of Oriental Medicine and subsequently studied and worked in Vietnam’s major TCM hospital where both Western and Chinese medicine were prescribed according to their effectiveness at the time.


Clair has seen the positive effects TCM has on clients – especially when combining Western and Eastern practices.  Clair believes in a holistic approach to health. All too often traditional Western therapies are limited to treating the symptoms of a given ailment. Clair believes in the importance of designing a comprehensive programme aimed at both treating illness and boosting the overall quality of life and health of her patients. She is an expert in Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Clair is a staunch believer in the value of organic food and fully embraces the importance of good nutrition and the positive impact it can have on the individual’s health and well-being.  She strongly believes in matching the correct diet to the individual to meet each person’s needs.  This is particularly relevant in clients with cancer, depression and obesity.


In addition to her practice at Albert Place, Clair works with other businesses and organizations seeking to incorporate elements of TCM into their projects. She regularly speaks on topics related to nutrition and contemporary health.  Clair also leads workshops and master classes in these areas. She is always working hard to bring the benefits of TCM to western societies which are overly dependent on synthetic medicines and surgery. 


Albert Place has created the signature spa treatment for the Mandarin Hotel Group. The treatment embraces both Eastern and Western medicine.  It is specific to a given day through the individual choosing an aromatherapy oil based on personal needs at the moment This is then matched to the appropriate Chinese meridians, creating a powerful treatment that both balances the physical and emotional body. Albert Place also serves as the exclusive on-call TCM practitioners for Mandarin Hotels in Hong Kong and London meeting with patients and weary travelers when the occasion arises.


Clair supervises the Hailey Estate in England where she has developed programmes to create a range of organic foods and also cultivates selected herbs for experimental, scientific programmes in collaboration with universities in Britain and Europe.  For example, there has been an extensive programme working with Oxford University on Artemisia and its impact on malaria.


Clair was honoured to represent  overseas practitioners of TCM at the first international conference in Vietnam for the potential future integration of western and traditional medicine.  In conjunction with the Proyecto Andino, the botanical garden project in Atacama Desert in Chile, she was invited to participate in the World Botanical Garden conference in Wuhan in 2007.  She has been a regular visitor to the World Economic Forum in Davos where she has been invited to speak. She also has participated in botanical expeditions in the Himalayas and Guatemala.


Most recently Clair has launched Clair’s Teas of Joy, a line of herbal teas designed to prevent illness and promote a healthy state of wellbeing. Clair regularly incorporates teas in the treatment of her clients and has been inspired by the results. She has carefully selected the herbs for her healthy and nutritional bespoke teas, creating the right combination of natural ingredients. These teas are drunk as a collection and designed to encourage emotional harmony, stress alleviation, detoxification and boost the immune system. Each tea reflects Clair’s wish for people to above all live well.

TIM HUNG , L.Ac. , Registered TCM Practitioner and Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine, studied at the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Science in Oakland, California and Ching Hwa Chinese Medicine Institute Graduate Certificate. Medical Faculty of Jinan University, Guangzhou China where he received his Traumatology & Osteopathy Diploma. He has practicing in San Francisco and Hong Kong since 1986. He is also a Licensed Acupuncturist of State of California U.S., Registered TCM practitioner Hong Kong and the President of Hong Kong TCM Orthopacdic & Traumatic Association.

Lisa Lam , Registered TCM Practitioner and Master in Acupuncture

Lisa Lam, received a Bachelor degree in Chinese Medicine from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM).  After graduation, she spent two years for postgraduate study and practicing in Beijing HuGuoSi Acupuncture Hospital with her mentor Dr Dong, a professor of BUCM.

Later she moved her career to Hong Kong and her treatment skill is proven highly effective and impressive to patients and the press and media.  She was interviewed by the media press with online broadcasting and metro radio 997 for providing useful daily Chinese medical tips.  Her unique skill in pain-free acupuncture not only eases the patient’s resistance and clarify the misconception about the painful sensation linked with traditional acupuncture, but also gives her patient a immediate alleviation and long lasting improvement in variety of health complains.

Working as a registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner in Hong Kong is just the beginning to demonstrate her devotion to TCM, she also received a Master degree in Acupuncture at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  She is highly experienced in different female diseases, menstrual problems, menopausal issues, infertility, acnes, skin problems and diseases in children (pediatric related conditions).

Our Nutritionist

Raymond Chung, BSc Hon. in Food and Nutritional Science, Dip in Traditional Chinese Medicine Nutritional Science

Raymond Chung received a BSc (Hons) degree in Food and Nutrition Science from The University of Hong Kong and is a holder of the Diploma in Chinese Medicine Nutritional Studies and the Certificate in Naturopathy and Health Management. Since 2003, he has been frequently invited by organizations such as the University of Hong Kong SPACE, Coutts Bank, the Hong Kong Cancer Fund and Rotary International to speak on subjects such as the use of food to gain energy, improve the complexion, delay ageing and improve nutrition. He will be periodically interviewed by the South China Morning Post to give comments on various health and nutritional issues such as food therapy.

He is the nutritionist for Mineralysis, a centre linked to Albert Place for the screening of heavy metal exposure and mineral imbalance. Mineralysis provides Western and Chinese Medicine Nutritional Advice, heavy metal detoxification, weight management, food therapy, hair mineral testhair drug test, food allergy test (screen for up to 204 Asian, Western and Vegetarian foods) and enviornmental pollutant test (screen for 7 toxic pollutants or chemicals from foods, household, cosmetic products or disposable food containers). The centre both provides advice and support to doctors and also offers a thriving clinic for the public.

In 2014, he was invited by the Hong Kong Baptist University to give speech in the first International Conference on Eco-aquaculture and Public Health and he has written an article on the detoxification effects of phytonutrients against environmental toxicants and sharing of clinical experience on practical applications, which is successfully published in a peer reviewed scientific journal and collectd by the Pubmed medical journal database in 2015: